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TheChargingPoint.com is for those who want the simple, un-spun truth about electric vehicles.

For many people, the term ‘electric vehicle’ conjures up images of cars that are about as cool as corduroy jackets with elbow patches; mobility scooters or some ridiculous town runabout made of old milk containers.

Well forget that, because we’ve just entered an era where electric gullwing supercars from Mercedes Benz and family cars that you’d be proud to have on your driveway from the likes of Nissan, Renault and Vauxhall are production realities.

For the first time, manufacturers and governments are spending $billions to bring mass-market electric vehicles to a global audience. Electric cars are about to change our motoring landscape forever.

Yet the issues surrounding EVs can be intimidatingly complex, whether it’s the technology, the environment, the politics or the pure emotional pitch of the arguments for and against. That’s why TheChargingPoint.com is here to help uncover the truth and present it in an easily-digestible format.

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