Why get a home charging unit?

Charging at home is easy, safe and convenient with EDF Energy

By TheChargingPoint.com on March 19, 2012 9:38 AM

The latest, most advanced electric cars are easier to drive – and easier to recharge – than ever before. And while it is, in principal, possible to plug an electric vehicle into a regular household power supply using a 13-amp three-pin plug, there are safety implications that every new 'EV' owner needs to consider.

An electric car draws a lot of current and using a household plug to charge does run the risk that with such a heavy load, the plug could overheat. And if the electric car is charging on a circuit that’s powering other appliances, there’s a risk of overload and the potential to do damage the other appliances. It’s best to have an isolated circuit for any EV.

Another consideration is the condition of the household wiring – if it is old, or inadequately protected, or just unsuitable for high loads, there could be a potential fire hazard.

For all these reasons, a dedicated charging point on its own circuit eliminates any safety issues at the stroke of a hat. The most advanced installations are also fitted with technology that guards against any danger of electrical shock.

Not only is this a safer option, but a dedicated charge point installation provides a more robust, weatherproof and lockable wall box that can be positioned in the most appropriate place for your electric vehicle.

And many home chargers, such as EDF Energy’s EcoRecharge unit, also provide 16amp current that can charge an electric vehicle up to 35% faster than a conventional household plug.

Some energy providers also offer dedicated home electricity tariffs for electric vehicle drivers. EcoRecharge comes with EDF Energy’s Eco20:20 tariff, which offers a 20% discount at the times most drivers choose to recharge their cars.

And with ‘smart’ meters, you receive monthly statements that detail your car’s energy usage, what it is costing you and how your carbon emissions compare to an equivalent petrol car.

All in all, charging at home with a home charging unit is safe, fast, economical and convenient.

To speak with EDF Energy about EcoRecharge and Eco20:20 tariff, email electricvehicles@edfenergy.com. You can also find out more at www.edfenergy.com/electricvehicles

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