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Signing up to become a Charge your Car member is simple and allows free charging on the entire network

By on March 25, 2012 1:18 PM

Joining the network means free access to all North East Charge your Car charging points, so it’s well worth doing. It’s easy, too – once registered, members will receive a welcome pack that includes an access card for opening and using the CYC charge points.

Subscription rates

Membership is subject to a low cost monthly or an annual subscription. In North East England, membership is £10 monthly or £100 for an annual subscription, and members enjoy free parking and free electricity whilst recharging on all CYC bays in the region.

Benefits of the scheme

• Free parking in some of the prime locations throughout the North East region including City Centres and main car parks when recharging

• Free electricity during your charge on any Charge your Car post

• Access to a network of like-minded people through a regular e-newsletter and member’s meetings

• You can be the first to hear about upgrades and new elements of the network

Pay as you Go

The Charge your Car project has been successfully running for well over a year and now has more than 60 members. But as there isn’t an agreed standard of operability between different schemes, it can be difficult for visitors to the region to access the network.

To get around the issue, North East England is trialling a Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG) scheme for 25 of the region’s most popular posts, including all eight quick chargers, which allows EV drivers who infrequently use the public network to access the posts without needing to be part of a subscription scheme.

The PAYG system works by using a text service (similar to some standard parking bays). It’s incredibly easy to use – the driver simply pulls into the bay, texts the number and is then charged accordingly for the text message. During the trial the charging cost has been set at:

• £3.50 for a standard charge

• £5 for a quick charge

It’s important to note that Charge your Car network members will not need to pay to use these posts, this is simply an alternative mechanism for non-CYC members.

Visitors to the network can search for these posts by using the Charge your Car map and searching on the drop down menu for PAYG posts.

Want to install a charging point at your business? Grants are available! Find out more in section four – Charging Points Grant

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