Charging Points

There are already more than 1,500 public charging points in the UK and that number is growing fast, with both public and private investment.

The government’s Plugged-in Places scheme was launched to help kick start this process. £30 million has been allocated to eight pilot regions that will see 8,500 charging points installed over the coming years.

But there’s a problem – several government schemes, lots of private companies installing points, and a number of different maps all competing to present charging point locations. We've included an open source map below to help you find your nearest charging point until we create our own map using data from the UK government's official National Chargepoint Register. When using the OpenChargeMap please use caution and remember to call locations in advance to ensure the charging point is operational and accessible to you when you need it.

Plugged-in Places regions

We also recommend speaking to individual regions about charging points in their area. We’ve pulled together all the Plugged-in Places info in a handy guide below, complete with links to the PIP region websites. Mouse over the regions for basic stats and click to be shown some more detailed info about accessing charging points in your region.

If you think we need to update any part of our guide, please do get in touch here.

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The North East

Operator: Charge Your Car
More info:

Membership with Charge Your Car costs either £10 per month or £100 per year. Members can enjoy access to all charging points in the North East, four hours of free parking per day, and a 24 hour helpline. Members can also access their charging history and a detailed charging point location map from

Charge Your Car uses a number of different suppliers (including Podpoint and Elektromotive), so expect some aesthetic differences between the charging points themselves. Access to these points is achieved with a RFID MiFare Desfire card that is issued to members. These cards may not be compatible with certain charging points in other regions, but are likely to become the standard over time.

Members can also use charging points in West Sussex and Milton Keynes, although to gain access to these points you would need to contact Charge Your Car directly so that they can make the appropriate changes to your access status.

There are a small number of free charging points available to non-members of the scheme. Members of other UK schemes that intend to visit the North East should contact Charge Your Car to get access to charging points.



Operator: Coming Soon
More Info: Coming Soon

Scotland has only recently become a Plugged-in Places region and as such is not currently as developed as some others.

The aim in Scotland is to install 375 standard and 6 rapid charging points across the central belt of Scotland. All charging points will each be able to charge two cars simultaneously. Charging points will be installed from October this year.

There is not yet a website for the scheme in Scotland, but one will be available shortly. The website will include a map of all charging points in the region.

The scheme in Scotland will follow the Charge Your Car model found in the North East of England, so expect some similarities.


East of England

Operator: EValu8 / Source East
More Info:

Membership with Source East costs £10 per year, will include an online ‘book ahead service’ and access to charging points in Bedford, Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich, Peterborough, Luton and Hertfordshire, Thames Gateway South Essex and London Stansted airport.

Information membership applications and charging point locations is available through the Source East website.

The region currently has more than 150 charging points, and aims to install 1,300 in total. EValu8 is working with Source London to ensure wider compatibility and aims to be compatible with all PIP regions. There are currently no plans for the installation of free charging points for non members, but EValu8 will be looking at a Pay-As-You-Go method for non-member charging.


Greater Manchester

Operator: Coming Soon
More Info:,

The scheme in Manchester is not typical as it is aimed at both fleet and private customers. A final membership cost has not yet been decided upon, but could be as little as £5 per vehicle per year.

The scheme will utilise existing charging points and a contactless payment card for operation, while a Pay-As-You-Go scheme is being considered for non-members. New Charging Points will be installed both at business and on-street locations.

There is currently no dedicated website for the scheme, but one that includes a charge point location map will be available soon.

The first charging points will be installed in September this year.



Operator: Source London
More Info:

Membership to Source London costs just £10. Membership includes access to the 200+ charge points that are available today (there will eventually be 1,300 in total) and exemption from the London Congestion Charge.

Source London uses a variety of different charging points, so expect some aesthetic differences between the charging points themselves. However a single RFID card gives access to every Source London charging point in the capital.

Charging at points that are not currently part of the Source London network is also possible, but you will be required to contact the relevant borough directly for more information. However, Source London is working with the operators of these charging points to make them part of the Source London Network itself.

Source London provides a map on their website giving the locations of all charging points in London.


Milton Keynes

Operator: Chargemaster
More Info:

There are currently 22 charging points in the region, and each can charge two cars simultaneously – thereby giving the region 44 places to charge an electric car.

Membership for access to the charging points in Milton Keynes is £50 per year, and is attainable through the charging point supplier in the region: Chargemaster.

Membership includes access to all charging points in Milton Keynes via an RFID card, and also the charging points in many other regions (contact Chargemaster for details).

Members of the scheme in this region will also benefit from free parking in dedicated spaces for electric vehicles, although non-electric cars are also able to use these spaces between 10am and 4pm.

A map of available charging points in Milton Keynes is available through the Chargemaster website.


The Midlands

Operator: Coming Soon
More Info:

The Midlands has only recently become a Plugged-in Places region and as such is not currently as developed as other regions.

The aim in the Midlands is to develop a regional network of more than 500 charging points across the East and West Midlands over the next two years. The first of these charging points, installed in August 2011, is fully compatible with all other charging points across the UK and sets the precedent for the ones to come.

Prices for access to the scheme have not yet been released, but here at we expect them to fall in line with those at other Plugged-in Places regions.


Northern Ireland

Operator: Coming Soon
More Info: Coming Soon

Information is particularly slim on the scheme in Northern Ireland, but check back as we will update this area of when we get more news.

The aim in Northern Ireland is to install a number of charging points across many parts of the region – not only in Belfast.