Round-the-world Electric Odyssey reaches Asia (video)

Two Frenchmen and a Citroen C-Zero currently in China, and created a rather fun video during the Japan leg

By Farah Alkhalisi on July 26, 2012 3:10 PM

The Electric Odyssey team has reached China and is heading through Gansu province, between the Mongolian plains and the foothills of Tibet, with the aim to get to Kazakhstan on 10th August.

Engineers Antonin Guy and Xavier Degon are aiming to get around the world on electric power alone, travelling 25,000km and using just 250 euros-worth of electricity to power their Citroen C-Zero.

The pair set out from Strasbourg in February, and in the last two months, have come from Japan and Singapore to go through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, charging up mostly from domestic points belonging to volunteer ‘Pluggers’ supporting their quest. Arriving in China earlier this month, they were met by a delegation of Citroen staff in Chengdu and held a media conference, and they took the car through the high-altitude Yunnan province.

Their latest video records their experiences in Japan – including a Back To The Future encounter with an electrified DeLorean. “There are quick-charge stations everywhere”, they say, the only drawback of these being that they charge the car up so quickly, there’s barely time to finish a bowl of noodles or see to other personal needs…

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