YouTues: Renault destroys 100 Zoe electric cars

…all in the name of safety, of course

By Will Dron on July 3, 2012 12:34 PM

If you’ve got an eye on the cute Renault Zoe pure-electric supermini, due to hit UK showrooms at the end of this year, then you’ll be pleased to see that the French carmaker is spending at lot of time smashing them into solid blocks.

This new video on Renault’s official YouTube channel shows one of 100 Zoes that has been crash tested at its facility in Lardy, France, with a view to improving safety.

And it looks like the it’s a tough little thing – the occupant safety cell remains solid while the front of the car disintegrates, which is important for absorbing the energy of the crash.

Aside from occupant safety in the initial impact, the high-voltage battery pack of an electric car must also be protected from any kind of intrusion, and Renault was keen to point out via Twitter that the Zoe’s battery pack, which sits in a flat casing below the passenger compartment, was reassuringly intact after the crash.

All these tests will no doubt pay off when it comes to the official, independent safety evaluation by Euro NCAP.