Zipcar adds Vauxhall Ampera electric vehicle to its London fleet

Extended-range EVs join capital's car-sharing network

By Gavin Conway on May 21, 2012 4:08 PM

Vauxhall has entered into a partnership with car-sharing network Zipcar to provide ten Amperas for the company’s London scheme. 

The pay-as-you-go car sharing network will allow members to reserve a 2012 Vauxhall Ampera online or with their smartphones from £5 per hour. 

The announcement comes just days after Hertz Corporation unveiled plans to put ten Nissan LEAFs on its Oxford car-sharing fleet, called Hertz On Demand. And while Zipcar is claiming to be the first to offer an Ampera to rent, Hertz has also recently announced that Amperas would be joining its London car-sharing fleet in June.

The Zipcar pilot project will last six months, with all of the Amperas wearing a unique ‘wrap’ proclaiming their green credentials. We’d have preferred to see non-liveried Amperas on the street, as plenty of people are curious about the Ampera but might not want to buy into the ‘save the planet’ vibe.

The cars will be available in dedicated bays with charging points, and it will be up to the members to plug the cars back in at their journey's end. Zipcar says that many of the trips taken by its members are less than 35 miles, so with the Ampera’s claimed maximum pure-electric range of 50 miles, they could spend most of their time doing the zero-emissions-at-tailpipe thing. 

And, as with the Oxford Nissan LEAFs, here’s a perfect chance to see how well an EV could fit into your life.