POLAR teams up with Transport for London

The private network is partnering with the Source London scheme to install 200 new EV charging points.

By Farah Alkhalisi on July 13, 2012 12:57 PM

Chargemaster’s POLAR network of EV recharging facilities continues to expand: it is teaming up with Transport for London’s Source London to install more chargers in London.

This private-public partnership will add 200 new jointly-branded POLAR/Source London fast-charge points in the city this year, and the first of these – at the Waitrose store in North End Road, Fulham – went live earlier this week. The further points will be added at other Waitrose stores in the city, NCP car parks and places such as railway stations and shopping centres.

All POLAR members will be automatically enrolled into the Source London scheme and able to use those charging points from August. Source London is currently providing over 700 plug-in points in the London area; POLAR is operating in over 30 towns and cities nationwide and aims to put fast-charge points in the 100 largest towns over the next year.

The 200 new points in London will be at locations including Waitrose stores and NCP car parks as well as at strategic places such as railway stations and shopping centres. The partnership will give POLAR members access to over 1500 charging facilities nationwide.

TfL’s Director responsible for Source London, Nick Fairholme, says: “We are pleased to be able, through this partnership with Chargemaster, to provide Londoners with more opportunities to charge their vehicles. The new sites will help ensure we meet our target of installing 1,300 charge points in the Capital by 2013. POLAR and Source London have common objectives in lowering emissions in London through the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”